Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. – John 6:47

Testimony from a Missionary in Asia

“I received a call from a family who brings their child to our kid’s club on Wednesday nights and has also been studying our Firm Foundation lessons with me each week. The dad informed me that his mother-in-law was dying from cancer and that it wouldn’t be much longer. They asked her what kind of funeral she wanted, and she said she wanted a Christian one. So they called me. The interesting thing is that this woman wasn’t a Christian. My colabourer and I visited her at her house. She was on her deathbed. She could barely move and couldn’t speak. My colabourer opened the Bible and preached the gospel to her as we went into the room. They told us she could hear us even though there wasn’t much response. My colabourer asked her if she wanted to repent and trust Christ when he finished. She opened her eyes, looked at him, and nodded yes. He continued, and it was there that she trusted Christ. God graciously gave her a chance to hear and believe in the last moment of life. We serve a merciful and loving God. I continued after my colabourer was done and tried to encourage and assure her. Before we left, we placed an audio player by her bedside that had over 100 sermons on it in Chinese, with the first being “The Road to Heaven.” We left with it playing. We went home, rejoicing what God had done. The next day, she passed and went to be with her Maker and Saviour. The following week, we did the funeral. I had an open door to explain to family and friends about her trust in Christ and that they, too, could repent and put their faith in Jesus. No one in the family has yet to be saved, but they are still studying the Bible with me weekly. Pray for Joshua and his family.”