A Christian Response to Muslims

So, for the past several articles you have read about Islam and its great need of the gospel. With Islam spreading all around the world and continuing to grow, what should our response be to Islam and Muslims. Here are a few things we, as Christians, must do in response to Muslims all around us:

  1. Pray for them—Pray each and every day for them. Pray that God will work in their hearts and lives and save them. Pray that God will send laborers into the Muslim world to reach it with the gospel. Pray that God will open doors not only into the Muslim hearts but into the Muslim world.
  2. Befriend them— In almost any city and place you will find Muslims. Many Christians try to avoid them and don’t talk with them. I would tell you, that is not a Christian response. Rather, we should go out and befriend them! Get to know them and let them get to know you. This will open doors for you that were closed before. This will also allow to them to see what true Christianity is all about.
  3. Love them— This world is filled with hate. Many Christians are prejudiced towards Muslims because what a few of them have done all around the world. That is the wrong response. A Christian should never respond with hate. A Christian should respond with love. Show them love and love them even when they don’t deserve it. Because guess what, God loves you and loved you when you were in your sins. By loving them and showing them love, you will show them the heart and mind of Christ!
  4. Include them— Don’t exclude them from events or activities rather, include them! Invite them to events at your church. Invite them to church services. Include them in things that you are doing and allow them to really get to know you!
  5. Witness to them— After doing all these things you can build a great relationship with them which can open doors to give the gospel to them! Be open to share the Bible with them, study it with them and point them to Christ. You do not have to have crazy strategies to give them the gospel, just point them to Christ and what He did for them. Let the power of the gospel work in their hearts and lives. Give them the gospel! They must know of the love of Christ and their eternal destination without Christ! We must be witnessing to Muslims in a loving non-confrontational way or they will not listen to us!

Christians should have these responses when it comes to Muslims and Islam. We must pray, befriend, love, include and witness to them! We must be doing everything we can to point them to Christ and share with them the love of Christ! Do not hate Muslims and say they deserve hell. Rather, let us show them Christ and how He died for them just as much as He died for us! Let’s respond to Muslims as Christians ought to respond with the love of Christ!