Here at Vision Baptist Church, we are praying for God to send us some young men for us to train and send to plant churches in several major unchurched cities. These cities are considered to be unchurched according to a new study done by the Barna Group*. At this time we are focusing on the major cities on this list in the eastern part of the U.S. because of the emphasis already on the West. However, we are certainly continuing to pray for the West as well. The cities that we are praying about and focusing on are:

  • Burlington, Vermont- Population*: 214,796- 55% unchurched
  • Plattsburgh, New York- Population: 82,128- 55% unchurched
  • Boston, Massachusetts- Population: 4,628,910- 53% unchurched
  • Manchester, New Hampshire- Population: 2,794,000- 53% unchurched
  • Portland/Auburn Metro area, Maine- Population: 514,098- 52% unchurched
  • Albany/Schenectady/Troy Metro area, New York- Population: 881,830- 50% unchurched
  • New York, New York- 8,537,673- 48% unchurched

  • According to the Barna Group, this would leave:
  • In Burlington: 118,137 people unchurched
  • In Plattsburgh: 45,170 people unchurched
  • In Boston: 2,453,322 people unchurched
  • In Manchester: 1,480,820 people unchurched
  • In the Portland/Auburn Metro area: 267,330 people unchurched
  • In the Albany/Schedectady/Troy area: 440,915 people unchurched
  • In New York City: 4,098,083 people unchurched

According to the Barna Group, an unchurched person is any person who has not been to a church of any kind in the last six months. We will be saying more about these cities and their unchurched populations in the next few days. Please help us pray as we pray for young men who can help us plant churches in these areas.


* All percentages were taken from this article.

** All population estimates were taken from the National Census Bureau website