Just a 60-minute drive from Montreal, Quebec, Plattsburgh is known as Montreal’s U.S. suburb.[1] Due to its close proximity to Canada, there is much Canadian influence in the city. For instance, some of the street signs throughout the city are bilingual – in English and French.[2] Another point of interest is that the City of Plattsburgh was the first city in the state of New York to elect an openly gay mayor.[3] Though it is a relatively small city with a population of around 80,000*, it is in great need of Bible-preaching churches. According to the Barna group, Plattsburgh is 55% unchurched.**

Would you commit to pray with us at Vision Baptist Church that the Lord will raise up a man to devote his life to reaching this city with the gospel? Would you pray and ask the Lord if He would have you be that man? Plattsburgh, at 55% unreached, has approximately 45,000 people who don’t avail themselves to the small gospel presence in the city. Many of them probably have no Christian friends. Would you go to these 45,000 with the gospel? Would you plant a church among them and tell them of the love that God has demonstrated toward them in Jesus Christ?

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