Home of Ben & Jerry’s icecream1, Burlington, Vermont, was listed by Forbes as one of “America’s Prettiest Towns”2. Current U.S. Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Burlington from 1981 to 19893.

While home to a modest population of 214,796, Burlington is in great need of the gospel. It is one of the most unchurched cities in America, with 55% unchurched. That means that 118,137 of Burlington’s residents are unchurched.4

According to the Barna Group, an unchurched person is any person who has not been to a church of any kind in the last six months. This indicates that over one hundred thousand of Burlington’s residents have had little to no dealings with its few churches. The majority of the city doesn’t have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

At Vision Baptist Church, we are praying for the Lord to send us a young man to receive training at the Our Generation Training Center and be sent to Burlington with gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you partner with us in praying for such a man? Would you ask the Lord if He would have you to be that man?




4http://cities.barna.org/barna-cities-the-top-churchless-metro-areas/ Percentage was taken from this article.

*Population estimate was taken from the National Census Bureau website.