China Drafts Law To Restrict Missions Efforts

China Drafts Law To Restrict Missions Efforts

A recent article published by explains some new regulations that the Chinese Communist Party may enact as a means of choking out foreign religious influence in China. The Chinese State Administration for Religious Affairs drafted the new law that enforces greater restrictions on religious activities carried out by foreigners and exacts certain punishments for law breakers. Some say that the new regulations treat any unauthorized religious activity as a form of espionage. The new law would not only try to restrict missionary interaction with Chinese people, but also attempt  to restrict the flow of religious material brought in by foreigners.

The CCP, of course, explains the new law as simply a way to make China more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreigners. Most believe, though, that China is restricting religious activity because it does not want any authoritative influence in China other than the Chinese Communist Party.

On the surface it may seem like just a political move by China to tighten control over its people, but we know that the spirit behind this banning of missions work in China is ultimately Satan and man’s rebellion against God. Just like it says in psalms chapter two about the nations desiring to break free from God’s authority, these efforts are a rebellious act against the God of heaven by attempting to keep silent the His Word and to keep the Gospel from being proclaimed. On the other hand, as we consider the need for the gospel in China, we must remember that our highest authority is Jesus. He gave us the command to take the gospel to all nations.

China Fumes After Canada Protects Hong Kong Activists

China Fumes After Canada Protects Hong Kong Activists

China Says All Canadians in Hong Kong at Risk

The Free Republic reports on October 7th, 2020,  that threats came from Bejing’s ambassador to Canada, Cong PeiWu, over Canada’s willingness to protect political activists in Hong Kong. The move to shelter these activists came after the Chinese Communist Party in recent months enacted the new National Security Laws which target pro-democracy activists. The ambassador stated that the Canadian government’s willingness to provide asylum to “violent criminals” would put the lives of all Canadians in Hong Kong at risk. The Canadian government found the comments “unacceptable and disturbing” and responded with a statement that they would stand to protect the rights of Canadians all over the world. 

They Need True Freedom and Safety

A life of freedom and safety is what people desire. We live in a world that is corrupted by sin and so there is never any real guarantee of security. There is one, though, who can give us true freedom and security no matter where we live on this planet. Christ offers forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternity in heaven. That is what the people of Hong Kong need. Regardless of what threats may come, with the hope of the gospel, people can live with joy and peace. Who will go and tell them?

China Threatens War as U.S. Affirms Ties with Taiwan

China Threatens War as U.S. Affirms Ties with Taiwan

China Threatens War

Threats of war against Taiwan have been the rhetoric coming from the Chinese news media lately and from the Communist Party Leader himself, Xi JinPing. The warnings came as U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited the region on Oct. 6th making comments affirming the strong ties the U.S. will maintain with Taiwan. 

Taiwan, of course, did not take the threats lightly, and according to an Epoch TImes report, called on the Communist Party to stop threatening and to engage in “meaningful dialogue”. Despite the call for a civil discussion, Xi told troops during a recent marine base visit that they should prepare for war. According to the Epoch Times, some believe that XI has the intention of leading his country into war to gain the legacy of a great leader. Whether that is true or not, only time will tell.

The Greater War

In all this talk of war, we cannot forget the greatest battle of all. That is, the war of sin against man’s soul. It is a war that has eternal consequence. The good news is that there is One who has fought that battle and purchased victory for all who believe. What the people of China and Taiwan need most is not the “peace and safety” that comes from military might, but the true peace that comes from having ones sins forgiven. They need to hear the gospel. Who will go and tell them? 

Four Nations Meet to Counter China’s Growing Aggression

Four Nations Meet to Counter China’s Growing Aggression

The Epoch TImes and the BBC published articles on the week of October 6th, 2020, the day when leaders met from four allied countries, which included the U.S., India,  Australia, and Japan. The “Quad” meeting comes at a time when tensions between China and these nations seem to be on the rise in the indo-pacific region. 

The talks took place in Tokyo on October 6, and included U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Japan saw the talks as a hope to strengthen ties between these countries to counter China’s recent growing aggressive behavior. Pompeo took the opportunity, according to the BBC, to blast the Communist Party for acting with coercion, corruption, and exploiting other countries.

It is hard not to think of Jesus saying in Matthew 24 that at the time of the end, nation shall rise against nation. While the day and the hour of our Lord’s return is not revealed to us, we can’t help but sense that we live in the season of His return. Knowing that the Day draws closer, we should be all the more eager to get the gospel to the nations. Despite what we hear in the news about the government tensions, we need to remember that beneath it all are the million of souls who need to hear good news of the gospel.

China’s Three Gorge Dam Potential Collapse Threatens Nearby Nuclear Power Plants

China’s Three Gorge Dam Potential Collapse Threatens Nearby Nuclear Power Plants reported on October 2, 2020 that there is concern over the possible failure of the Three Gorges Dam in Hubei, China, and what that could mean for the nuclear power plants nearby if it collapses. If it breaks, it could cause a major disaster. 

Chinese media has been downplaying the situation, saying that everything is under control. Meanwhile, the situation has some worried since the State media is not exactly a beacon of free speech and experts have voiced concern over the situation.

Whether the dam breaks or not is something we will have to wait and see. If it breaks, many people will die. It reminds me of what Jesus said in Luke chapter thirteen about the Galileans who were killed by a fallen tower. Jesus reminded those listening that man’s greatest threat is the consequence of his sin.  The truth is that everyone is going to die either by disaster, sickness, or old age. Unless we repent and find forgiveness for our sins, then we will perish forever.  

The people in the path of this potential disaster and those all over China need a solution for their sins. That solution is the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. How can they repent and believe on Him if they have never heard? Who will go and tell them?

Chinese Online Bookstore Owner Arrested for Selling Religious Books – Books Destroyed

Chinese Online Bookstore Owner Arrested for Selling Religious Books – Books Destroyed

On October 2, 2020, published an article reporting that an online Christian bookstore owner in China was sentenced to seven years prison time and fined almost thirty thousand dollars for selling religious books that were unapproved by the Chinese government. 

According to the article, the police did their best to destroy all of the man’s book supply and are also looking for those who have done business with the bookstore owner. 

The Chinese government continues its efforts to centralize its control over any and all religious activity, especially Christianity. We know that the real enemy is not those who are carrying out this persecution and effort to hinder the teaching of the word of God. The real enemy is Satan who hates God and therefore hates those he loves and wants to save.  Yet, the word of God is not bound.  God is still working through his people in the local churches to teach and disciple. The greatest need is not for more books, but for more laborers to go and teach and disciple. 

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”  Matthew 9:38 King James Bible