Foxnews is reporting that even during the coronavirus lockdown that government officials are using the opportunity to demolish churches and forbid online preaching.

In the Jiangsu province the government demolished the Xiangbaishu Church in Yixing city according to Bob Fu, the founder of China Aid. Elsewhere, the Christian Post reported another church being damaged. The Chinese Christian Fellowhship of Righteousness shared a video of their red cross being removed from the church of about 40 in Guyana County, Anhui Province on March 13th.

In the Shandong Province, officials are posting instructions on shutting down all unregistered churches. Specifically their announcement says, “earnestly in each jurisdiction, and the fellowship that meet without approval must be completely eradicated.” This includes forbidding online preaching, which essential in this time of social distancing.

Voice of the Martyrs is reporting a positive note. Christians are emboldened to evangelize more because of their face masks, as facial recognition does not work.

The borders are currently closed for travel like it is all over the world. This means missionaries cannot get in, however need to be recruiting and preparing more for when the borders open back up. God loves the Chinese people and sent His Son to die for them, they need to hear that message.

Pray for China! Pray for the believers in China! Pray that God will open China up for evangelism and that more missionaries would go.