Jim & Sandy Roberts

Voice In the Villages, India


Creative Access Countries

Our world is rapidly changing, and one of the things that come with that is trying to understand how to adapt to these changes correctly. The internet is a blessing for many reasons, especially in the realm of missions. Still, it can also present unnecessary trouble for our missionaries working in creative access countries (also known as closed countries or limited access countries). What this usually means is that traditional missionaries aren’t welcomed to those countries. Thus, to still fulfill our mission of reaching the world in our generation, our missionaries working in these regions of the world have chosen to forgo their public missionary profiles (at varying levels based not their concern) to be more strategic about their entry into these place. Once they arrive on the field, they can do the bold and dangerous work of gospel proclamation. We need to be able to get missionaries into these countries with the least amount of hurdles possible. Would you please join us by respecting any missionaries’ wishes to remain offline? If in doubt about a specific missionary which has visited your church, feel free to contact us for any clarification. There are currently 9 missionary families whose profiles have been deactivated and are not listed below due to the location of their mission.