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A recent shipwreck off the coast of Libya has taken the lives of 74 migrants with close to 50 survivors having to be rescued. Reports show that there have already been over 900 drownings and more than 11,000 migrants that have been stopped at sea already this year, as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean, to make it to Europe. They are willing to risk such great danger, many times, seeking freedom, and in hopes to make it to a better life for themselves and their families. Although such desperation and sacrifice often turns into disaster and tragedy, there is a tragedy that is much greater taking place as these people are also in a shipwrecked spiritual condition.

Most of Northern Africa would be considered closed to the gospel and often there is very little to no mission work allowed. The tight grasp of Islam makes it even difficult for those who are Christian to live out their faith. So while it truly is a tragedy to hear about these migrants who lost their lives trying to make it to freedom, it is a much greater tragedy that thousands of them die without ever knowing the freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Would you pray for laborers, and open doors, to be able to send a rescue team to reach those who are spiritually shipwrecked without hope and that otherwise will never make it to freedom.