Liberia is small country located in West Africa and is a little larger than the state of Virginia. It’s on the Atlantic coast bordered by Sierra Leone to its northwest, Guinea to its north, and Ivory Cost to its east.  It is located on the same latitude as Colombia, South America and is South of Portugal and Morocco which are to the north. 
Liberia’s official language is English, but over 20 indigenous languages are spoken, such as Kpelle, Bassa, Grebo, Dan, Kru, Mano, Loma, and Mandingo.  
Liberia’s capital city and largest city is Monrovia. It is located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado. Monrovia is the largest city in Liberia and has a population of 1,010,970 with 29% of the country living in the city! 
Liberia’s major religion consists of Protestantism 76.3%,  Roman Catholicism 8.2%, Other Christian 1.6%, Islam 12.2%, Other faith 1.3% including traditional African religions and Atheism , and Unaffiliated 0.4%.
Liberia has an estimated population of 5,073,296 million people. Liberia has the highest population growth rate in the world (4.50% per annum). 43.5% of Liberians are below the age of 15, what a need to minister to the youth. 53.7% are between 15 and 65 years of age, while only 2.8% 65 years and older. 83% of Liberia’s population live below the international poverty line.

5 million people

76.3% Protestant