A recent report from the US State Dep. raised more concern about the situation around the world concerning Religious Freedom. Along with other countries like Burma, China, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Nigeria was added to the list of countries with the worst religious freedom violations.

They have seen thousands of churches burned, children massacred, pastors beheaded and properties destroyed simply because of their Christian faith. The Bible is clear that in the ends times things will get worse and worse. While I am not a gloom and doom type person, I think we can clearly see how the world is getting worse all the time. Even in the US, Christians are quickly becoming the minority, and the only ones that are not considered when it comes to rights.

During this time we must realize that we have to stand firm, and true to the Word of God, and who we are as Christians. We must also realize that our hope is not in the government, or any man for that matter, except the Lord Jesus Christ. We must strive to get the gospel to a lost and dying world, otherwise there will be no change. This also alerts us to the fact that the Lord’s return could be any day, and we must do what we can, while we still have time, for the day is coming when no man will work. Lord please set a fire in our souls to do the work you have called us to do.